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Why Job Seekers Choose Key Recruitment

The service I received from Craig was excellent. He understood exactly what I was looking for. I was able to be open and honest with Craig through the whole process and he couldnt have done a better job with finding me the right role in the right company.

Craig had my best interest from the first phone call, right the way through to my first day in my new role.

I couldnt have asked for a better service than the service I received. 5*


Sue understood my requirements perfectly, she asked lots of questions from the first conversation to ensure she understood exactly what I required and made the effort to get to know me personally. Sue was very straight talking and explained why she was asking the questions.

Sue made me feel like I was the most important candidate, when she said she would call she did. She never made me feel like she was rushed or didnt have time to talk. Showed empathy and understood the position I was in.

There is no comparison to other recruitment company’s I have worked with in the past. Key Recruitment were absolutely brilliant and cant recommend enough.


I found the service received by Key Recruitment excellent. Craig understood my requirements extremely well.

He listened and understood which kind of role I wanted, he kept in contact regulary. A friendly person to deal with.

I found the service provide by Key much better than previous recruiters they are more caring and personal.


I found the service received by Key Recruitment excellent.

Darren understood my requirements perfectly, he was always polite, friendly and very professional.

The service I received from Darren and Key Recruitment was excellent it was far the best service I have recieved compaired to other agencies I have dealt with previously.


The service I received from Key Recruitment was excellent.

James was excellent in understanding my requirements, he always kept me updated and informed on all job pursuits.


Darren. O

I found the service given by Key Recruitment excellent.

Jonathan understood my requirements well and only spoke about relevant opportunities.

Good communication and persistance in exploring job opportunities.

The service I received from Key Recruitment compared to other agencies I have used in the past was above average.

Would recommend Key Recruitment.


The service I received from Key Recruitment was excellent. Rachel understood my requirements very well.

She was extremely pro-active and I felt she was actively pursuing suitable roles for me.

I have dealt with numerous agencies in the past but I generally feel that Key Recruitment were far superior in most aspects. For me an agency needs to be pro-active and Key definately were.


Rachel is a great ambassador for Key Recruitment.

She was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She took the time to understand my requirements and advised how best to promote myself.

Through her careful selection of where to place me she assisted in me securing the job from the 1st interview I went for.

I will always recommend Rachel and Key Recruitment.


I have spoken to Sue for many years and have always found Sue to be the most professional of any recruiters (and I have spoken to plenty).

Sue took time to listen and understand my reasons for looking for a new job & secured me a great company.

She was patient, there is nothing that I would change about the service and I have already recommended Sue.


I found Key Recruitment to be a very professional and knowledgeable company with different expertise in all sectors.

I would not hesitate to recommend this agency to any company or prospective candidate.


I found the service I received from Key Recruitment excellent.

Paige has gone above and beyond to ensure my future career and placedment in a permanent  role was fulfilled.

I would definately recommend Key Recruitment.


I found the service Key Recruitment provided was excellent.

Anna understood my requirements very well, I was successful in the first role she matched with me.

I had regular contact throughout the process which I found particularly good.

The service that Anna and Key Recruitment provided had a better level of contact throughout the process compared to other recruitment companies I have used in the past.


The service I received by Key Recruitment was excellent.

Wayne understood my requirements very well.

Wayne was on top of everything and thoeough with his following up & feedback. He sent me preparation for interview documennts in good time. He was friendly and affable.


I found the service received by Key Recruitment was excellent

Rachel understood my requirements very well, our conversations from an early stage were very comprehensive & professional.

I found the level of discretion involved was particularly good.

I have worked with several agencies in the past but Key Recruitment would rank No.1 I would have no hesitations to work with Rachel again.



I was very impressed with the directness and knowledge of the print industry.

The service Sue provided was excellent.


Symon and Key Recruitment provided excellent support throughout the process.

Symon was friendly and sincere, a wonderful experience!

Tom S.

Anna had a very good understanding through a long standing relationship with Key Recruitment.

I found Anna offered a variety of roles not just by job title but by skill set & experience. Effectiveness of feedback was very good.


I found the service that Key Recruitment gave was excellent. Jonathan understood my requirements very well indeed. He kept in regular contact with myself which a found very good.

The service I received from Key Recruitment was very good, I felt like I was being looked after compared with other agencies who I didn’t feel had my best interests at heart.


Rachel understood my requirements very well, a good match of job requirements to my skills & experience.

Communcation with Rachel throughout the process was excellent.


James was very understanding & cooperative.

The service he provided was extremely relative to my area of work experience which helped her to get an exact desired job profile.

James is very responsible & sincere about his candidates getting placed unlike other recruitment agencies who are very poor in communication.


The service I received from Key Recruitment was excellent. Craig understood my requirements very well and he had excellent communication.

Sam U

Anna understood my requirements very well, it wasn’t a chore talking to Anna which sometimes it can be when talking to recruitment agents. Anna was attentive without being instrusive or demanding.

In the past I have found recruitment agents to be quite patronising and almost as if they are reeading from a script. Anna understood my qualities and ambitions from the offset and was able to arrange interviews with two very attractive employers.

Anna was very thorough with chasing feedback and asking clients questions on my behalf and she was also accessible.

Richard. B

Anna understood my requirements very well, she covered every aspect of the process thoroughly. She had a good communication flow and updated me regulary.

Martin C.

Hayley was very quick but extremely thorough in understanding who I was and what new role I was looking for. I spent time to come to your offices to meet Hayley and she ‘interrogated’ my CV in a very positive way but to help ensure when she spoke to prospective clients, she could confidently talk about me. I would rank Key Recruitment very highly compared to other companies I have approached, often you would not get a response – I always had to phone and chase them and they did not spend the time to fully understand the requirements either when I was looking to recruit or looking for a new position

Michael T.

Hayley really seems to understand how  to match candidates with roles. I found her communication and feedback were of a much better standard than I had experienced with other agencies. Basically, my experience with Key has been far better than with any other agency.

Neil M.

My situation was fairly unique (for most of my career, I’ve been self employed which scares off most consultants) and Key Recruitment understood that. From my first contact, I felt I could be open and honest about my past career (the good and the bad; nobody is perfect) and discuss exactly what I was hoping for and where I might be well placed. Rachel and Hayley took everything on board and fairly quickly matched what I was hoping for. At the end of the process (several interviews later), I had two very good offers and an incredibly tough choice to make. I can’t thank or recommend Key Recruitment enough.

Robert E.

The service I received was significantly better in comparison to the other recruitment companies I have used in the past. Hayley followed up with me and always ensured that I knew what was going on.

Tim G.

The interview support and preparation given by James made me feel that I was not alone during the whole process.

John C.

Paige had a very clear understanding of my requirements, spending the time and effort to communite with me to clarify things. She was very good at updating me every time there was a change in proceedings, for both expected and unexpected changes. With an attentive, personable nature and timely follow ups, this recruitment service was basically better than the many others I have used.

Chris F.

I found Key’s service vastly superior in comparison to other recruitment companies, with Paige’s approach being honest and knowledgeable – she understood my requirements very well.

Chris W.

Key Recruitment consultants are very much in touch and communicate right through from job vacancy advert to procuring the job offer letter. Key consultants are very good in conversing with the candidates at every stage including getting accomodation at the new job location, to booking travel tickets. They helped me prepare for the interviews by handling interview questions, salary expectations, emailing job details, asking for identity proofs, current job status and co-ordinating with the hiring manager to expedite the job application process and securing me the job offer letter.

Sachindeo C.

I would highly recommend Sue to other candidates; she takes time to understand what you are looking for and your requirements / needs. Sue is very easy to get on with and takes the time to understand you as a person, not just as a placement.

Miranda F.

Anna understood my requirements very well, with good communication all the way through the process. Key has provided the best service to date in comparison to other recruitment companies that I have used in the past.

Paul N.

Paige did a great job of understanding what I wanted out of the new job and did her best in providing the information needed to get the role. In addition, I liked the speed and the efficiency in which the whole service was carried out from the beginning to the completion. I enjoyed the friendly yet professional manner of service I received from Paige.

Meisam. T

I have dealt with quite a few recruitment companies in the past and the service offered by Key are certainly within the top 5.

Andrew. W

Rachel understood my needs extremely well and actively encouraged me towards the right role within the right organisation that would suit me and my needs. Rachel was regularly on the phone, expressing interest and providing regular updates. She also helped me make arrangements for things, even when I had secured the position. Other recruitment companies, would discuss a position and you wouldn’t hear from them again – Rachel’s communication was excellent.

Ruth P.

Craig made sure to cater to my needs within the job – he had a clear conversation with me prior to looking for an opportunity for me and he made sure to bring me more than one option to choose from.

Sunni F.

I particularly found the proactivity of Hayley great. She would send over the information about the role. Then check that I had done my homework and was ready the day before the interview. A nice call on the morning to check all was well and “gee” me up. Then a follow up conversation with me and client. The constant communication was fantastic.

Mike H.

Hayley just “gets it”. I was looking for a role with an immediate start and Hayley turned things round quickly, getting me several interviews and ultimately the role I am now in. Key are very diverse and will push for opportunities that are not always obvious.

Mike H.

Ramona came across as very knowledgeable within the industry and very professional. Ramona understood my requirements very well and we built up a good rapport.

Glen Y.

Throughout the entire process, Wayne kept me informed of what was going on. He offered great advice for the inteviews and gave feedback as soon as he got it. Throughout, it was a positive experience to deal with Wayne and I would recommend him in the future.

Lee D.

There is no comparison between Key’s service and other recruitment companies. I didn’t have to keep chasing – most companies do not follow up and keep you informed. Ramona was very good; she was confident in her knowledge and was able to offer an ideal position. The professionalism of Key’s staff, as they are polite and approachable, is one of their best services.

Mark D.

Ramona carried out speedy communication with an accurate insight into what the company were looking for. Ramona perfectly matched me to the ideal opportunity!

David W.

Key’s service is much better than other recruitment companies because Wayne kept me informed throughout the process with phone calls and voicemails. Wayne was also very good at answering any questions I might have and was very knowledgeable about what the company were looking for.

Richard L.

Key treated me more as an individual with individual requirements. Wayne took the time to speak to me and know what I was looking for.

Alastair T.

Nothing compares to the service that Sue provided…she listened to my requirements and matched them perfectly to opportunities. Sue really went that extra mile with some evening calls and even on days that she was on leave.

Christine A.

Throughout the entire recruitment process I was well informed, from interview techniques to feedback on interviews and calls were always returned. I had an excellent service throughout the entire process and I felt that my interests were being looked after at all times. Many thanks and I would definitely recommend Key to anybody looking to change jobs.


James Russell is by a country mile the best consultant I have come across from all the agencies I have dealt with. He not only understood what I was looking for but also looked at how my skills could be successfully applied to different sectors. His ability to think outside the box and understand what exactly was not only important to me but also the client and his ability to marry the two for the mutual benefit of both parties, was second to none. James seemed to have a genuine interest in me and what my requirements where. I would definitely recommend James Russell and Key Recruitment. He is an exception in a very frustrating industry and I can’t speak too highly of him.


The service given by Key and yourself was first class as was the understanding of my requirements. The best aspect of the service was always being kept abreast of progress and feedback, I have not used many recruitment agencies but Key has been better than any other, I would have no hesitation in recommending Key to anybody seeking a position within engineering sales/service. Thanks for all your help.


I made a great career move with the help from Key. The advice, information and support was excellent and I am very grateful to them for their professional guidance. I have recommended friends to Key and will continue to do so.


I am pleased to say I have used Rachel’s services, both for recruiting sales staff and to find new employment. In both instances, Rachel has proven extremely professional, tenacious and enthusiastic. I am sure that Rachel’s drive, attention to detail and market knowledge have been the decisive factors in reaching a successful conclusion on both counts. I have and will continue to recommend Rachel to other people within this industry.


I have been very pleased with the position which Key recruitment had found for me and was also very pleased with the help and advice leading up to my interview and the fast response after the interviews. If I were ever to need the services of a recruitment agency again I would have no hesitation in contacting Key.


Alison has an in-depth knowledge of the Print trade. She understood my requirements perfectly, matching my skills and abilities with the company selected.


When my company went bust Sue contacted me, I initially went to work at another company but did not like it. When I knew it was time to find the right company for me, Sue was the first (and only) person I thought of. Everything she had said about her client stuck in my mind she arranged three other interviews, all at very good companies that suited me well.

In the end I did decide on one company Sue’s original recommendation, and I have been very happy there ever since.

Throughout the recruitment process I found Sue extremely professional, intuitive, and helpful. She was always there when I needed her, and she fully understood my needs.

I know Sue only deals with quality people and organisations and is totally trustworthy, and very good at what she does.

I would highly recommend Sue to any candidate looking for the right company, and also to any company looking for the right candidate.


Even though I wasn’t initially looking for a move Sue phoned me from time to time, and just got to know me. She was never pushy, and I was happy to talk to her. So when I knew it was time to find the right company for me, Sue was the first (and only) person I thought of. In the end I decided on a company that was Sue’s original recommendation, and I have been very happy there ever since. Throughout the recruitment process I found Sue extremely professional, intuitive, and helpful. She was always there when I needed her, and she fully understood my needs. I know Sue only deals with quality people, and organisations. She is totally trustworthy, and very good at what she does. I would highly recommend Sue to any candidate looking for the right company, and also to any company looking for the right candidate.


I have been registered with Key for 5 years and have been submitted for 2 vacancies and have got both positions. It is a great service, friendly and they don’t mess you about like some other agencies that I have been with. I would strongly recommend Anna Gale at Key.


Just a brief note to thank you for all your help in finding me a new sales position. When I was made redundant I was extremely surprised and I could not believe how quickly you managed to arrange a number of interviews for me. I soon had 2 firm offers and was back in work in less than 4 weeks! I was also extremely impressed with the feedback I received and would have no hesitation in recommending your service.


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"We wanted to thank Anna for securing her candidate with us. He has settled in well and jumped straight in at the deep end for the first few days. Thank you very much and we are glad we have got him."
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