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Our new Behavioural Profiling Service

Key Recruitment are excited to be in partnership with one of the country’s leading Behavioural Psychologists, Lesley McEvoy. Utilising the DISC System, she will work with you and your staff on a consultancy basis giving entirely impartial, independent professional advice bespoke to you – irrespective of where your candidates are sourced from.

Let’s face it recruitment can be a difficult process. When confronted with filling an active vacancy or when taking advantage of the availability of good candidates, some hiring managers have robust, structured, multi-staged, multi-faceted interview processes.
Others rely on semi-formal meetings and “gut feel”. The majority probably fall somewhere in between.

Many recruitment companies offer access to third-party psychometric services, but they leave any meaningful interpretation of often challenging and nuanced data, up to you.

By teaming with Lesley, we go beyond the typical level of psychometric service other recruiters provide.

Who is Lesley McEvoy (CPBA, MNCP, CHYP)?

Lesley is a qualified Behavioural Analyst and Psychotherapist with over twenty years’ experience in her field. She is an award-winning exponent of the DISC Psychometric System with glowing testimonials from clients such as Boots, HSBC Bank, BA and the BBC.
She also has previous experience working alongside The FBI as well as a former US President, meaning she really can figure anyone out!

Lesley’s customers frequently praise her for supplying dynamic, fun and energetic business presentations delivering messages with staying power.

More about Lesley

Behavioural Profiling

DISC is an incredibly accurate psychometric tool focusing on behaviour. It is utilised by companies worldwide to assess individual behavioural traits.

Employers and recruiters find them incredibly useful during the recruitment process in identifying facets of a candidate that are difficult to gauge from a CV and a face-to-face interview. They are objective, without any unconscious bias, they make the recruitment process more efficient and a very good indicator of job performance.

A report and accompanying graph are generated by a robust questionnaire completed online.

The system identifies four main behavioural styles that form a large part of our personality, and colour codes them to give an easy to understand report.

These areas are:

Dominance (Red), Influence (Yellow), Steadiness (Green) and Conscientiousness (Blue)
Everyone exhibits these to varying degrees.


  • It can give hiring managers insights into how candidates are likely to respond to colleagues, customers and specific job tasks.
  • It can also give managers a better understanding of the interpersonal dynamics within their existing teams.
  • It also gives insight on what we do, why we do it and how we can improve our personal effectiveness in the workplace.

Lesley’s skills enable her to translate and interpret the graphs and the accompanying report gives detailed, accurate and specific information regarding a person’s behavioural style and how they communicate both in and out of work.

The combination of both the DISC report and her bespoke analysis via consultation are incredibly insightful and have proven invaluable to many of our clients when looking to recruit, or improve the effectiveness of current teams.

Why Use the Service?

The multiple-choice questionnaires take an average of seven minutes.

Easy to Understand
Being colour based, DISC is easy to follow and allows for a universal, safe language, which can be used in the workplace.

Incredibly Accurate
The report generated is incredibly accurate, based on sound Jungian Psychology and is widely regarded as the best and most practical test of its kind.

Effective Management Tool
Understand what drives you and your team, appreciate the effect you have on each other, and adapt your behaviours and leadership style to improve communication, morale and productivity.

Effective Recruitment Tool
Can significantly improve hiring success rates by giving unique insights into candidate behaviours that interviews and CVs don’t reveal.

How It Works

There are many options within the DISC system, however we feel the four main types of profile relevant to recruitment are below. Each can be supplemented by Lesley’s bespoke consultancy.

Vacancy Analysis
Team Analysis
Individual Analysis (with Executive Option)
Interview Analysis

Hiring managers can use any or all of them and at any stage of the recruitment process, but it would be ideal to get Key and Lesley involved right from the start.

Vacancy Analysis
Discover the behaviours necessary for your vacancy and easily compare candidates to help assess a good match.

Team Analysis
Used as part of the recruitment process to better understand how your current team ticks and what type of environment your new hire will be joining. Can also be used as a standalone assessment of team members behavioural style so they can work more effectively with each other and with customers.

Individual Analysis
Understand a candidate’s likely behavioural styles and responses to customers, colleagues and managers. Also get a better understanding of your current staff. This report, outlined above, is the backbone of the service and the main reference point that makes the others work so well together.

Interview Analysis
An extension of the Individual Analysis providing specific questions which can be used in interviews, designed to explore in depth the extent to which a candidate possesses the specific behavioural traits required for your vacancy.

For more information please contact either Rachel O’Connell or Wayne Tyson on 0161 443 0000.

In case you have doubts…

We want to make very clear that what we’re offering is not a sales tool for Key Recruitment! The service is impartial and objective. If the advice Lesley delivers steers you away from hiring any candidate we have put forward, then that advice will be given to you.

Lesley operates with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. Her credibility, and ours, is paramount.

We want to make sure we’ve done as much as we can to provide you with the best available candidates.

We continue to have long-term, repeat business from our clients, so offering this unique bespoke service means we are better placed to understand your business psychologically and behaviourally, making the recruitment process more efficient.

Additional Services

Psychology in the Workplace – The growing importance for Employers

Key Recruitment is committed to helping its clients with this goal. We speak to hundreds of people every day and understand the highs and lows of working life for both our candidates and clients.

So, we wanted to do something more, something different and something in line with our professional, personable approach and our commitment to help our clients beyond the typical recruitment lifecycle.


Lesley is a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist. The growing recognition of the role mental health plays in the workplace has led to companies across many industry sectors to take a proactive approach to this emerging issue.

Companies can engage Lesley who can provide anonymous one-to-one counselling and support to all staff.


Lesely also uses her background in business and psychology to deliver excellent training courses in the following areas.

Customer Service Excellence Behavioural Impact
Mentoring Skills Stress Awareness/Handling
Counselling Skills Coaching
Communication Skills Powerful Presentations
Effective Teamleading Appraisal/Performance Management
Team building (with/without DISC) Handling Conflict
Leadership Trainer Training
Sales Training (with/without DISC) Positively Influencing
Media Handling Telesales
Call Centre Management/Working  

If any of these are of interest, please contact us on 0161 443 0000

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Our Client say

"We wanted to thank Anna for securing her candidate with us. He has settled in well and jumped straight in at the deep end for the first few days. Thank you very much and we are glad we have got him."
James Boydell
STi Group

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